Christmas…my favorite time of the year!

Tonight my family decorated our Christmas tree! Yes, it is a little late! All evening I have felt that joy and calmness inside that comes every year at this time. Christmas is my favorite time of the year! I love the lights, colors, and decorations! I enjoy buying gifts and watching my kids and others open them. Seeing the generosity and kindness of those around me and in my community is something that just makes me smile!

While in town today, my daughter and I began looking at some beautiful dresses. We talked about the colors and the sequins. She found several new Christmas dresses to wear. And then on the drive home everyone watched out the windows to see who has decorated their home or business. We talked about driving around town to see all of the best lights! As we drove past Bonanza Big Springs Park again we saw the beautiful lights all around the park. The deer reflections in the springs, the arch over the bridge, the nativity scene on the stage.

The memories that one makes each year last forever. This is one thing I try to capture in my own home is every Christmas. We take a family photo. It is fun to dress up and coordinate our outfits! I love being able to look back at photos from the past, and be reminded of what we were doing, how little my kids once were, or something fun that we did that year. I would love to share with you this same gift.

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